Some feedback from my customers:
"This necklace is breathtaking. I feel beautiful whenever it is on. Love this piece so very much." - Lorraine, Tulsa, OK, USA.
"Great service, beautiful earrings, excellent communication. Thank you very much!" - Susan, Whitby, ON, Canada.  
"WOW, these earrings are beautiful!! Thank you!" - Maxime, Montréal, QC, Canada.
"I love this pendant! Thanks once again for my beautiful jewelry." - Heidi, Mesa, AZ, USA.


Designer jewelry as unforgettable as you are ~ by Nathalie Lesage


News is in the Globe And Mail

August 08, 2014

As an Introvert (and highly sensitive person) entrepreneur and artisan, I find it easier to work alone in my studio and create artwork, undisturbed. I naturally shy away from noise, crowds, big gatherings, as I find that physically and mentally draining. On the other hand, being an Introvert makes it more challenging to put myself and my work 'out there'. Reading comments from other artisans recently in the various online forums where I hang out, I've discovered that many face the same dilemma. The topic is truly interesting, and I was happy to participate by sharing one of my tips that I find useful as an Introvert entrepreneur. My tip is No. 8 on the list in this article in... Continue Reading →


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